Milan – Money Saving Tips

The idea that travelling abroad only costs a fortune is a frequent misconception. It is feasible to live on a tight budget in Milan with some caution and preparation. Here are some tips for maximizing your trip without sacrificing luxury.

1. Take the hop-on-hop-off bus

If you depend exclusively on vehicles and cabs to travel around the city, transportation can become pricey. You can pay up to $100 for a standard taxi ride from the airport to the centre of Milan.

If your gathering is smaller, renting a private vehicle can prove to be expensive as well. Instead, purchase a Hop on Hop Off pass, which can take you to the city’s top attractions. In addition, the pass lets you choose your boarding locations and gives you unrestricted access during the pass’s valid period. A centre for travellers looking for inexpensive travel, Milan is also home to five railway terminals and four underground lines.

2. Purchase a City Pass.

Two practical travel passes that might reduce your unneeded spending while travelling are the Milan pass and Milan card.

These passes are designed to save time and money because they include discounts, hop-on, hop-off bus tickets, and admission to attractions. With Milan Pass and Milan Card, you may bypass the lines and enter the city’s impressive monuments without having to waste time waiting in long lines. Having a pass can let you group your favourite activities under one roof, with savings of up to €250 on meals, trips, and shopping.

3. Make wise travel plans

Visit the websites of historical sites and museums to learn more about admission costs.

If reservations are made in advance, some large groups are eligible for group discounts. There are days when admission to museums and other attractions is free. To save ticket costs, try to plan your vacation around these days. Additionally, to maintain balance on your itinerary, try to include locations like churches that don’t charge admission.

4. Youth hostels vs. hotels

A hotel does, after all, equal luxury, yet luxury may be very expensive. Choosing a hostel over a hotel could significantly reduce your spending if you’re trying to do so.

Budget-conscious tourists can find accommodations at a number of backpacker hostels around Europe. Along with saving money, staying in a hostel helps you get to know the local culture, meet like-minded people, and gain the independence you need. In fact, a hostel can lower your costs if you decide to stay in a dorm rather than a private room.

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