When booking a day trip from Milan, things to keep in mind


If you don’t plan your money well, day vacations can get rather expensive. Always choose the most effective yet affordable means of transportation because, in most circumstances, that is what costs the most money. Booking Guided Tours that include transportation, sightseeing, and meals is one method to keep costs down. In this manner, you spend exactly x, neither more nor less.

Climate Check

Although spring and autumn are without a doubt the best times to visit Milan, other people agree, so be ready to battle through tourist crowds during these times. All of the attractions are assured to be open, although purchasing tickets in advance is strongly advised. Before purchasing tickets for your day trip, be sure to check the weather forecast to avoid getting caught in a downpour.

The key is to plan

The best way to maximise your trip when you just have 24 hours is to plan everything out meticulously. Plan out everything you want to see in advance and research the routes and hours of operation to fit everything into your schedule. If you don’t enjoy planning, hire a guide who will take care of it all for you and have your day planned out with stops at all the major sights.

Each second counts

Always factor in travel time and leave an hour extra when planning day trips. Never fill your day with so many activities that you forget to relax. At the same time, be careful to manage your time well and avoid travelling extensively to remote locations. Our choice of 5-day trips from Milan is well-timed, taking no longer than 3 hours to travel, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the destination and return to Milan at a reasonable hour.

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