Where and how can I buy the Amsterdam City Card?

You can choose to buy online or as soon as you arrive in Amsterdam. There are 4 options to purchase.

24 hour card, 48 hour card, 72 hour card, 96 hour card. Buy online and have it delivered to your home. They can also be purchased at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Visitor Center and Amsterdam Central Station. I picked mine up from the station. The shop is located at the entrance of the station. I Amsterdam card prices

The I Amsterdam City Card does not include:

NS trains not included / How to get around Amsterdam

As someone who doesn’t read the fine print, it wasn’t until after the first day that I realized I had done something illegal. The day I got the card, I took the train to the hotel, and I thought this card could also be used on the train. Unfortunately not. With the i Amsterdam Card you can use all GVB public transport for free. GVB’s transport system is typically white and blue and includes buses, trams, and very few trains. Trains in Amsterdam are operated by NS and require a separate ticket. And don’t forget to validate your ticket when using public transport in Amsterdam. They have regular checks on most trains. 

Trams are one of the best modes of transportation in the city. Buses are equally convenient. As mentioned above, you need a separate ticket that can be purchased at the station. If you plan to use the trains a lot during your stay, the 3-day pass is convenient. This page explains how to buy train tickets in Amsterdam.

Entrance ticket to the Anne Frank House

These are also not included in the City Card. If you want to visit Anne’s Frank House, you will need to purchase a separate ticket. Some museums are also not included.

Where to stay during his 3-day itinerary in Amsterdam

There are many accommodation options in Amsterdam. But when choosing accommodation in Amsterdam, I chose one of the worst options he. It was a terrible choice. We hope no one chooses the MEININGER Hotel Amsterdam City West.

I would not recommend staying in City West as it is far from everything. I agree it’s easy to get there by train, but in my experience I wouldn’t recommend remote areas. After returning home I did some research and found some of the best areas to stay in Amsterdam.

Around the center of Amsterdam:

Busy area but central to the city. This area is noisy, but since it’s the center of town, you might want to check out a few hotels in the area.

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