The Dungeon of Amsterdam

Amsterdam Dungeon is an 80-minute interactive tour through 500 years of dark history. Nine actors are waiting for a daring act, and he can experience 11 different shows during his visit. This part ensures that no two tours are the same for him, as he will be attending shows in groups of 30 people or less. Live actors, special effects, scenes, and scripts will delight your senses on this one-of-a-kind walking tour. It’s a fun, sometimes frightening experience, but most of it takes place in the dark. The cast puts a lot of effort into the show, constantly updating the show and offering all guided tours in both English and Dutch.

Why Amsterdam Dungeon?

  • Cool experience for young and old with 11 shows and 9 actors
  • Learn the history of Amsterdam
  • very fun and a little scary
  • A unique show with your voluntary participation¬†

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