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Universal Studios Singapore, along with Gardens by the Bay, Singapore Zoo, and many others, is sure to be on every visitor’s must-see list. But it sure is big. And many of us have only one day to get here. Unlike Disneyland Paris, there isn’t much information on how to get the most out of Universal Studios Singapore in her day. Tickets for Universal Studios Singapore can be booked online. From the official site. Like most other tourist attractions in Singapore. At the time of this writing, Universal Studios Singapore tickets are S$56 per child aged 4-12. 72 S$ per adult. Payment can be made securely online using international credit cards or net banking.

Universal Studios Singapore has a total of 7 different themed areas. Hollywood, New York, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, Lost World, Far Away, and Madagascar. These zones have about 28 vehicles in total. The total theme park area is 20 hectares. This alone gives you an idea of ​​how big the park is. Now it is absolutely impossible for him to try all 28 rides in one day. Therefore, it is advisable to make a decision in advance based on your own interests. So you won’t miss any of the rides you really want to try.

If arriving by MRT, take the Northeast line to Harbourfront. You will then need to board the Vivo City Mall from Harbourfront station. After that, go to the 3rd floor lobby, buy a ticket there and board the monorail. At the time of this writing, the ticket price is S$3. This includes entrance fees to Sentosa Island. Always carry your ticket with you when entering Sentosa. From the monorail, you need to get off at Kaigan Station. Follow the signs from here to reach Universal Studios. Please note that the MRT can be very busy during business hours on weekdays. So plan accordingly. taxi

Taxis are the most expensive way to get to Sentosa Island and Universal Studios. However, if you are traveling with a family or group and are not far from the capital, the taxi fare may be about the same as his MRT and monorail combined fare. So try this calculation before deciding between the two. You can hail a local taxi anywhere in Singapore. Taxi fares vary slightly depending on the type of taxi. In most cases, the fare is printed on the side of the door, and the color of the cab will also tell you how much it will cost. So you can choose your taxi accordingly. The taxi will drop you off at the taxi stand under the underpass just outside the entrance to Sentosa Island. Access the interior from here and take the escalator to the upper floor.

There is another way to get here – the Sentosa Boardwalk. It’s very close to VivoCity Mall. So you can go there by MRT. and follow the promenade. However, it is always recommended to try this during the early morning or late evening hours. Otherwise, running in the sun or in damp weather can be uncomfortable.

No matter which option you choose, it’s important that you arrive on time. Since then, he’s only had one day to experience everything Universal Studios has to offer. So why waste time? It gets more crowded here during the day. After an early breakfast, head to Sentosa Island, where you’ll fly straight to Universal Studios Singapore. Universal Studios Singapore will remain open from 10am to 10pm.

Universal Studios Singapore has his two main restaurants, Mel’s Drive-in and Starbucks, both located within his Hollywood theme park. However, vegetarian and vegan food options are very limited. If you’re a vegetarian like me, these restaurants may require you to stick with sliced ​​fruit, yogurt, and packs of smoothies. There are also mobile carts and food stalls here and there. These stalls mainly sell cold flavored waters, fruit punches, potato chips and cookies, and other convenience foods.

However, if you are traveling by car, it is better to have a light stomach, so eat small portions at regular intervals. And drink liquids slowly. Unlike Disneyland Paris, outdoor dining is not permitted at Universal Studios Singapore. Therefore, you should respond with the available options. Each theme park also has a variety of dining options. As you’ll notice, many details were also taken into account when designing and naming these restaurants and grocery stores. Each is named after the theme of the park. Most of them also serve dishes typical of the area the theme park is based in. Below is a brief list of dining options at each theme park at Universal Studios Singapore. Based on this, you can decide when and where to have a snack or lunch.

There are numerous retail outlets in each themed area of ​​Universal Studios Singapore. These retailers sell their own miniatures, bags, purses, stationery, jewelry, and many other items related to the zone’s theme. If you want to pick up some souvenirs, visit one of these outlets. Although, as expected, most things look expensive. But if you or your kids, like mine, love collecting miniatures of their favorite cartoon and fictional characters, check out one of these retailers in your zone of choice. Worth a try. 

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