Geneva’s Water Fountain

One of Geneva’s most important sights is the Fountain of Lake Geneva. I’ve been to Geneva about 5 times…or maybe more, but definitely less than 10 in my memory. Even so, although I have been here many times, I have never had the opportunity to see the fountain up close. Either it didn’t work out or you didn’t have the time. But this time we finally succeeded. Here is the fountain of glory.

The force of the water, the sound, and the splashes are amazing! Especially on hot sunny days.

By the way, this fountain has quite a history. The first version he had already installed in 1886 was a little smaller and simpler. This modern building he has been standing since 1951. Surprisingly, it is 65 years old. According to a nearby information board, the jets will shoot at 200 kilometers per hour, and the water will reach a height of 140 meters. When the locks opened (to regulate the water level of the lake), the Rhône’s water began to visibly speed up, and people packed their stuff in waterproof bags, threw them into the water, and floated with their belongings. I will follow you. in the river. 

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