London’s Landmark – Trafalgar Square

It is truly modern London’s most important cultural landmark. Whether it’s a festival, a rally for a cause, or an outright political riot, Trafalgar is at the heart of the action where it all happens.

The site has several structures worth visiting, including the Lions and Nelson’s Column. Perhaps the most interesting part of Trafalgar Square is the Fourth Pedestal.

Originally, his fourth base on the site was uninhabited, but in recent years it has displayed a controversial and eclectic collection of contemporary art. It is now home to a giant blue rooster that is the subject of much discussion and debate.

Going there gives you a good sense of the historical nature of the place. It’s definitely a must-see experience. Sit on the stairs and people-watch, or take a leisurely walk. The choice is yours, but don’t miss this place. Trafalgar Square is one of his tourist attractions on the London 3-day itinerary and the London 10-day itinerary. Be sure to visit this amazing attraction in London. Shining London and its squares give new energy to all who visit. No tickets available for Trafalgar Square. However, there are attractions in the adjacent area that require tickets. For tickets to Trafalgar Square and more, check out our tickets section. Tickets for attractions adjacent to Trafalgar Square can also be purchased here. Admission to Trafalgar Square is free, so anyone can visit without paying.

Travel Tips to Trafalgar Square

  • There are two of his beautiful fountains in front of the National Gallery.
  • His three attractions, the National Gallery, the National Portrait Gallery, and St. Martin’s, are all located in Trafalgar Square.

How to get to Trafalgar Square?

  • Charing Cross Station


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